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Providing Quality Homebirth Midwifery Care

Welcome! I am a home birth midwife serving Lakewood, Denver and the surrounding areas.  

Choosing your place of birth and care provider is a big decision.  Finding a provider that will both honor your journey into motherhood and provide quality care can be challenging in our modern world.   I became a midwife because I am passionate about families receiving excellent individualized holistic care during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods. For a healthy mom who trusts her body and is looking for the least amount of intervention working with a midwife is an excellent choice.  If you're looking for an experienced Denver midwife, give me a call!

"We had our second child at home under Kathryn's care and it was wonderful experience and one we hope to have again with future children.  After all the hard work of pushing out our baby it was wonderful to be able to lay down in our own bed with my husband and relax and  hold our new child without any interruptions.  Kathryn's care was superb and at all times we were fully comfortable and confident in the health and safety of both myself and our baby.  One of the great things about working with Kathryn was the time she took at each appointment and throughout labor to answer questions, explain our options, and to listen to our needs and requests.  Our birth experience was tailored to what my husband and I wanted and Kathryn provided all the support we needed." Michelle L.

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